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We have tried to collect all of the available informations about Zlins on this site, mainly about the Trener family. Of course the site is always semi-finished, but we are struggling. If you have any information or good idea please share it with us here. We receive all feedback with pleasure because we already know the Trener feeling.
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You can find here among others the short story of the Zlin Family

In the post Second World War history of the Czechoslovakian aircraft industry the most successful series of aeroplanes was the Zlin Tréner family, which has been produced and constantly enhanced by the Moravan factory for over three decades. The Moravan (Zlin) factory has been established in 1934, and shortly afterwards....... more details>>

Flying experiences if it is describable!

After Phil had strapped me in and pointed things out, he hopped up front and talked me through the start procedure, since there are no starter controls up front. After throwing the main master, the instrument switch must be thrown so that the instruments will be activated. The engine is usually............. more details>>